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IC3 2017

Dr. Mario Is In: Unleashing Video Game Psychology on Professionals
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Bootstrapping in America

Sam Glassenberg of Level Ex
Chicago, IL

ExL Digital Marketing for Medical Device - West Coast

Virtual Surgery: Using Video Games to Train Surgical Specialists on Medtech Products
San Francisco, California

XTech - Experiential Technology Conference 2017

Applying Video Game Technologies and Methodologies in Healthcare
San Francisco, California

CEO Healthcare Symposium - YJP

New and Disruptive Models of Healthcare Delivery
New York


WPP Stream 2016

Unleashing Video Game Technology on Unsuspecting Industries
Ojai, California

Casual Connect Tel Aviv 2016

Entering the Chinese Market - Can Western Developers Succeed?
Tel Aviv, Israel

Casual Connect Tel Aviv 2016

The Key to the Gates of Hollywood: Achieving Success in IP-Based Games
Tel Aviv, Israel

KIN Global 2016

Virtual Reality Come of Age
Miami, Florida

IC3 2016

Healthcare Futures Panel, Featuring Dr. Mehmet Oz, Robert Bradway, Sam Glassenberg, and Michael Rosenman
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Stanford MedX 2016

Game Technology Unleashed in Healthcare
Stanford, California

Experiential Tech and Neurogaming 2016

Accelerated Learning Panel
San Francisco, California


Colombia 3.0, 2015

Movie Based Games
Bogota, Colombia

Verizon Venture Forum 2015

Unleashing Game Technology on Unsuspecting Industries
New York, New York

Casual Connect 2015

Fans First- The Rebirth of the Movie-Based Game
San Francisco, California

Internet Cowboys 2015

The Cutting Edge
Jackson, Wyoming

Chicago Video Game Law Summit 2015

The Business of Video Games
Chicago, Illinois


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